Erasmus+ management with ErasmusJET online

With ErasmusJET, as a full-featured Erasmus+ software, HEIs will be able to easily accept applications online for each mobility, and manage and process all related procedures and phases for those applications.
All EWP services are integrated and ready to use in ErasmusJET.

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ErasmusJET features

why erasmusjet?

Shorter, Simpler Application Process

Ability to accept and manage applications online from anywhere, application form defaults, automatic thumbnail generation, error-checks, one-click student documents.

Online Access and Multi-User Environment

Ability to access the system anywhere over the internet, all parties/users on same system. Ability to scale to thousands of simultaneous users...

EWP Digital Erasmus

EWP-ready system with all necessary APIs: IIAs, LAs, Mobilities, and more. All EWP services are provided free within your license. No hidden prices. From a team dedicated to digital Erasmus.

Multi-language Support

Ability to display and use the system in multiple languages, ability to access application pages in English, or any other language of choice...

Secure infrastructure

Development with high security priority, stable server packages, data and application security through various authorisation mechanisms...

Fast Help & Uninterrupted Support

Efficient support always available via dedicated support system or whatsapp, phone, email, helpdesk...

Advantages & Benefits

ErasmusJET online comes with hundreds of features and tools both for applicants and exchange offices.

  • Semi-automatic Application Placements
  • Error-Free Grant and Duration Calculations
  • Zero Error Rates
  • Online Multi-User Access
  • Automatic Archive, History Logs, and Backups
  • Automatic Generation of Official Documents
  • Integration Infrastructure and Features
  • Substantial Time Savings
  • High-Level Data Security - High-Level Performance
  • Import Facilities for Existing Data
  • Software Personalisation
  • Seamless and Quick Support


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Secure, Multi-user access

Easy-to-use interface

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