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ErasmusJET is the flagship product of Spetron IT and was first released in 2009. Since the beginning, our team of talented developers from a variety of technical backgrounds have worked in unison to keep ErasmusJET running and updated according to our HEIs' needs.

However, our services are not limited to ErasmusJET. Spetron IT also develops many tools and applications as an ecosystem to be used by its HEIs and the Erasmus community. A digital Erasmus ecosystem developed with HEIs specific needs in mind.

Our prime aim is to provide high quality, efficient, trouble-free and user-friendly solutions by keeping our HEIs satisfaction in the forefront.

Our Ecosystem and Services

Spetron IT offers a variety of services and solutions to our valued HEIs and whatever their technological needs be, our team of talented developers will always be able to find a solution to streamline their digital Erasmus procedures.


A full-featured and all-in-one user-friendly Erasmus-Dashboard alternative web software.


A full-featured and all-in-one user-friendly on-premise version of ErasmusJET.

iOS & Android Mobile Apps

iOS and Android mobile applications for students and Erasmus office specialists.


A hassle-free and easy to use, modern and complete API to integrate your software to the EWP.

EWP Tests Tracker

An easy-to-use test application to keep track of your EWP tests between providers and partners.

Responsive Support / SLAs

Quick & on-point user support in various channels like WhatsApp, helpdesk and Zoom.

EWP Software & Integration

A brand-new, modern and fast EWP gateway that connects all ErasmusJET HEIs to the EWP space.

EWP Search Tool

A user-friendly and complete EWP HEI search tool with detailed EWP status of HEIs.

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Arham Khan

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Ozi M.O.

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Arslan DEMR



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